June 18, 2018
Our Masterclass#34, the first with unified teaching Chaos Group V-Ray / Corona Renderer, was a great success.

The guys of the Masterclass#34 were able to work on their own image and I strongly believe they got an outstanding result. When we thought about this new formula for the Masterclass, we were aware that the students could work more thanks to Corona’s interactivity and this is the reason why some of them could even worked on more than one image.

It was our safe bet and we’ll continue applying this new method improving it, as we do with everything here at SOA. The guys left us with some good memories and in their eyes I saw their willingness to do staff and put themselves in the game. They faced a big challenge and I think that they, like me in this moment, have to feel proud of what has been done.

It was a great journey together and your 12 extraordinary images is what we need to have a good start of the week.
A hug guys. It was nice to meet you and your craziness.

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