October 2, 2018
Last Friday we finished our Masterclass#36 with a group of special Italian guys and gals.

We worked together to produce high-end images that could also evoke strong emotions. I was fascinated by the enthusiasm and the awareness that these guys had for their resources and it was really nice to share with them some good moments also out of the class hours.

The thing that touched me the most was the different motivations that brought them at SOA Academy. We often think that all people who join us here at SOA, just do it to become ArchViz professionals: this is true for most of them. But in this class I met people who are investing in their artistic and cultural training just because it makes them grow and become better persons in life. This group of students found in our world a place where they can express themselves.

I always believed that any artistic form is a way of communicating, a way to take to the attention of people emotions, feelings and aspects we aren’t able to convey with words. My wish for you guys is to find in art a way to go on against any difficulty and to find in architectural illustrations a way to tell stories in the best way you like.

It was a pleasure to meet you in your diversity. I heartily hope to see you again and praise your success soon.


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