December 3, 2018
The Masterclass#37 finished last Friday and left us with so many good memories and above all, some great images that we can finally show to everybody.

It was an adventure full with study, comparison and fun, which made this month something to remember. The group worked hard and thus they deserve our respect for the dedication they put in the project we gave them. The added value for this class was their willingness to create more than one personal image and the commitment to achieve their goal, which made us really proud.

Personally I’m grateful for the chance I had to work with so open people, who proved that with the right attitude and passion for what you do, there aren’t obstacles to success.

We often hide behind insignificant excuses to justify our “not being able to do something”, but the truth is we already have in our hands everything we need to do incredible things. The secret is to use some positive energy together with our talent and a lot of practice to make our dreams come true. The tools won’t make you special or better than others but the way in which you’ll use them will. Don’t ever stop experimenting, being curious, improving yourselves as Artists and Persons and above all, don’t give up hope in front of a failure.

It was a good month together and I wish you all a bright future full with satisfaction in your work and life.

I’m sure that I’ll hear talking about you very soon.

A hug,

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