June 3, 2019
We reached the end of the Masterclass#40 and I am really happy to write about this experience with a group of extraordinary boys and girls

We dealt with a theme that looks simple at first sight and worked on a pure and minimal architecture, which however was very complex render photorealistically. All the guys worked on rendering details and the photographic composition: key elements for creating realistic images.

The level of know-how of each student was very different and it really surprised me to see how guys who started off with a gap compared to the others actually created some really remarkable final images. Those who already had a higher level of knowledge have somehow outdone themselves and their expectations by giving us artwork that today, after a month of hard work, we are proud to show you.

May was also the month of Total Chaos in Sofia. In our vlog we both present the Masterclass#40 and a small recap of SOA trip to the event.

Being simple and achieving a style of simple artistic expression does not mean being trivial. Simplicity is a process that requires a very high personal maturation time. Getting rid of what is unnecessary to focus on the details that really matter is a long way that requires enormous sacrifices because it makes you focus on few aspects, aiming for perfection.

Simplicity cannot be superficial because otherwise everything would seem empty and meaningless. Simplicity is the balance of everything without the need to add superfluous elements that would take away attention, effort and freedom. Simplicity is beauty, like the one I find in the images of these guys, in their way of being Artists together.

It was a pleasure to share many beautiful moments with you and guide you to the discovery of simplicity: a value and an attitude that I hope you can take with you as a guide towards your maximum freedom of expression.

A hug.

We remind you that next Masterclass available is from September 2nd to 27th, 2019. Look at the course details here.

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