August 5, 2019
The days in the Masterclass#41 were very intense. Our guys not only had to face a complex project, but also the intense heat of July.

It was really nice to share moments of study and fun with these guys, some of whom have faced long journeys to be here with us. Each of them with a goal: to improve. Because there is nothing more positive in life than to become aware that, if we are deficient and weak in one aspect or simply we want to know more, we must have the courage and strength to face the uncertain and do all the possible to become better.

The assigned project comes from the Constant Spring House Residence by Alterstudio Architecture, whose soft and sinuous shapes have inspired our students and have complicated their life a little from the compositional point of view. However with much tenacity and sacrifice, I find that the work done is really fantastic and I am proud of each of them for the images they have given us.

Now it’s vacation time for all of you and I hope that the summer sun will warm you up and illuminate the incredible journey of life.

See you soon.

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