December 9, 2019
The Masterclass # 43 ended last week and we are very proud to show you the results of an intense month of work.

The 12 boys and girls worked on a complex project in which nature and architecture blend perfectly: Ephemeral Edge designed by Dean-Wolf Architects.

Not only for the technical difficulties, but also for the compositional complexity of the subject, the class had to put all their efforts to reach such results. Their attitude and stubbornness on trying and trying again to optimize every detail is what impressed me about this group.

Furthermore, the desire to team up is an aspect that highlighted a great degree of personal maturity and that actually projects the guys towards their future employments in important companies in the field.

For everything that has been done and for the patience shown, I wish them the best of luck.

With this Masterclass we officially close this 2019, which for us at SoA Academy was really intense and challenging.

10 years of activity mark an important milestone, but to us the most important fact is that our work has helped to train the future artists for the Industry. It’s great to be able to meet them in different cities around the world, read their successful stories or feel their sincere warmth in a hug or in a message. It is really priceless to achieve one’s dream and live one’s passion.

Having created the first event dedicated to architectural visualization gave a further push to this movement of culture and sharing that we think is essential for a genuine discussion and for the growth of each of us. It was a very important year that made us understand how useful and appreciated our work is.

Our promise is to further improve in order to be even closer to people and to be able to show them the beauty of this work, with the hope that one day they can become part of SoA Academy’s family.

A hug,

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