July 13, 2020
When we started the Masterclass#45 last March nobody of us would imagine that such a big disaster would hit so hard the entire world.

We had only the chance to finish the first week of course but then the situation was getting worse and worse so we had to interrupt the class for the safety of our students and ours.

It wasn’t an easy decision to take but it was necessary. We left our students with the commitment to return together as soon as the situation was under control, taking all the necessary measures to continue what we had started and experience all the fantastic moments we got used to have here at SoA Academy.

Claudio, Masterclass#45
Silvia S.R., Masterclass#45

That moment arrived 3 weeks ago and with the guys and girls who could travel to attend the Masterclass, we completed the path started in March.
I cannot explain with words what it feels to be in class with students and to share with them years of experience, knowledge, fun, struggles, empathy, emotion.

Lorenzo, Masterclass#45
Filippo, Masterclass#45

Looking at them and helping them at the right time with the right words; being there and solve that specific problem is something that from an online class students would never get.

After months of remote work because of the lockdown, it was fantastic to go back to roots where it is not the software that the students have to know specifically but how to make great images, how to improve their aesthetic sense, how to recognize the beauty, how to leverage their own style. This is something that can be done only being here face to face because it is essential to understand the background of a student, his/her needs, the way how he/she sees the world, and how to channel the efforts for a consistent and effective result.

Silvia C., Masterclass#45
Stefano, Masterclass#45

I am very proud of what they achieved and how they fought for it. We all created a fantastic climate of respect and joy. This is the demonstration that together we can restart with success from where we had to stop because of a virus.

So today I’d celebrate our guys and girls for this success which is a success that can give a big hope for the future.
And for those who couldn’t come this time, we will wait for them and to include them in this fantastic experience.

Thanks for being part of the SoA Academy family.


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