September 24, 2020
We finally reached the end of the Masterclass#46 and we are really proud to show you the outcomes of much work and many hours spent in class over the past month.

We’ve been so happy to go back to teaching 12 great boys and girls after months of forced hiatus and we decided to push even further so why not to use the stadium theme as a final work?

Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Nicola
Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Tiziano

San Mamés Stadium’s project created for Atletico de Bilbao by the architect César Azkarate was chosen for its extraordinary architectural beauty and for its perfect integration into the urban environment. A huge challenge that forced both the students and SoA to throw their hearts over the obstacle to achieve the incredible results we can admire.

Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Dario
Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Michele

Throughout the Masterclass our guys always worked on small-scale projects; bringing them to measure themselves on a larger scale put them in front of a completely different workflow and approach to the image.

SoA team, and particularly Roberto, have worked closely with the students to allow them to understand and work on projects of this kind and we are sure that out of here, they will be ready to face any kind of challenge that this profession will make them face.

Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Tommaso
Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Lorenzo

Many times we find ourselves in situations where we feel overwhelmed. The problems seem bigger than we think and we are unable to act. We get stuck and not for our lack of ability, but simply because we don’t believe enough in ourselves.We are reluctant to seek help not to appear weak, but at the same time we despair and close ourselves behind some “I can’t, I can’t”.

Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Filippo
Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Federico

This Masterclass has clearly shown us that if we rely on a good guide and surround ourselves with people willing and eager to learn, to get involved and to be humble enough to ask for help, great results can be achieved. You can do amazing things and find that all milestones are within reach after all.

Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Gavino
Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Gavino

In this very special moment that we are experiencing, I wish all of you to treasure this experience so that you can remember that throwing your heart over the obstacle is the only way to move forward and to overcome all the challenges that life imposes every day.

Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Martina
Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Roberta

To all of you guys and girls from Masterclass#46, thank you!


Masterclass#46 - Artwork by Evgenia

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