The Masterclass is a journey. There will always be ups and downs, but that’s the beauty of it. I think that meeting new people who share the same passion but at the same time have different thoughts and ways of doing things is the real added value that enriches your journey.”

These are the words of Marco, one of the twelve students of Masterclass#50 that ended on Friday. To tell the essence of this experience, he used the words we would have used. Masterclass#50 was a breath of fresh air: the best way to start the year.

Our twelve students, coming from all over Italy (plus one from Switzerland), during this month spent together have been confronted with a project by architect Yuri Vital: the Berkut Baroneza House in São Paulo, Brazil. The peculiarity of the architecture is the structure created thanks to a horizontal volume, almost laminar, that gently leans on the irregularities of the ground designing an enormous variety of views. Daniel Santo and Manuel Sà captured the different perspectives of architecture that were a source of inspiration for the students.

The challenge was not easy, but the guys, each with their point of view,  created images with a very high photorealistic level that enhanced the structure. Obviously, like all projects, there were moments of joy and discouragement. One of our students fondly recalls the latter: “The looks of despair that we threw between our desks were something unique.

The despair of not understanding a word and starting to laugh and play it off for those who had to ask the fateful question “Sorry, I didn’t understand”, “Yes, tell me, where from?”, “Could you start over?” The question was one but, it applied to everyone. Luckily the teachers are kind and helpful.” Above all, Determination and ambition are two elements conveyed to the guys. Very often, the projects won’t be easy, and they will test their skills but, that’s also the beauty of it. Bianca says: “The level of commitment required is very high and, this can lead to discouragement in some moments, but you have to believe in this work until the end and be able to overcome your insecurities.

Life during the Masterclass needs a lot of hard work and attention, however, it is also fun. The students arrive as individuals but leave as a small, large family united by a single passion. Massimo, for Instance, to the question “What did you like about this Masterclass?” answers: “I liked to finally talk with people who have the same interests as me, with ideas for the future and goals to reach.

That’s what profoundly connects people: feeling understood. When you enter within the walls of SoA Academy, you enter a world that envelops you 360°, making you comprehend how a team behaves and how it can enrich the thinking of others. What you form are pure and deep bonds that will remain forever in the student’s hearts who leave the classrooms.

Adrian, describing his Masterclass, says: “I liked the human relationship created between classmates but especially with the teachers who are very helpful in everything. I will always carry the laughter during the lessons, the aperitifs, the final dinner all together: honestly, it was all very delightful“.

So, at the end of this incredible journey, we can count a lot of time in the classroom and even more spent working. But, a lot of time was also spent laughing, chatting and having fun. The Masterclass is this and will leave an indelible mark: a mark that will accompany each student in his professional career. And this is our goal: to share all our experiences with these young artists to make them more and more curious.

In conclusion, our wish for them is never to give up to believe in themselves (as Bianca would say) and to keep their minds open and curious, because, for instance, as Mattia declared: “In 3D, you continue to be a student even when you are an expert. All that remains for us is to thank them for enriching us by allowing us to learn about every personal and professional nuance.

So, Good luck to all of you guys!

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See you at SoA Academy!

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