April 9, 2024
The world is changing, and we always feel it spinning faster and faster. We need to create more quickly, and most of the time, we sacrifice quality over quantity. Taking shortcuts is a must (think about AI), and it’s pretty easy for laziness to take over. But not for this fantastic group of artists, the SOA Archviz Masterclass 57.

I know; I may sound biased. After a month, students are not just students anymore; they become friends no matter what. I’m not here to comment on their work—even if the results are impressive—but their attitude. As a teacher, I could not be more proud of their endless will to learn and improve. Also, they get a critical point of image-making.

Masterclass #57 project: V&A Dundee Museum

Images are timestamps of an artist’s skill and mood in a defined moment. An image is subjective; it could be beautiful for someone or ugly for someone else. If you don’t know what you’re doing, an image can be a source of stress or fear; if you’re having fun making it, it could be a moment of joy and the fuel to go on. Creating images could be a life goal, and the journey and its ending are enriching.

Self-criticism is necessary to grow as an artist, but it could quickly become a double-edged blade if you focus only on the mistakes and see an image as the peak of your abilities. SOA Artists know well that an image is a point on a graph. There’ll be another point after this one. And points after points, you’ll see a trend. You want to watch the trend; if you don’t take shortcuts and work hard, it’ll go upward.

I can tell this group of people is one of a kind since everyone is already on the right uplifting path. Just do me a favor: remember to use references 😉


A big hug,

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