April 8, 2021
New assets for lawn grass and trees are now available to all students joining SOA UE4 Online Course.

Environment creation in Unreal Engine is critical, so we decided to spend some time working on producing something useful. And as a result, we added on our Unreal Engine Online Course an entirely new chapter with on-demand videos and  a live webinar fully focused on creating the environment.

Still, we felt that something was missing: the possibility to add lawn grass close to the building, without compromising the frame rate, and a better representation of trees in the scene. 

After a few days of R&D, our Roberto came up with a practical solution to generate well-cut grass on a large area, with a few controls over color, height, wind, differences, and a custom mesh/shader. You can control everything by the main shader, which modifies both LOD0 and LOD1 materials. In this way, the transition between close-up grass and the billboards works better. Check the video below, which presents the news:

Roberto also created some sets of trees to make your project even more appealing and realistic. Check them below. All trees have LODS and the maximum quality also for closeups.

And more, the Unreal Engine Online Course also includes SOA Cloudsmaker and SOA Scatterer.

What’s best, all this content and new features is available for all our students in the SOA Unreal Engine Online Course. So it’s an absolute pleasure to invite them all to check chapter 8 and download the updated file called SOA_Environment2021.zip, which already contains lawn grass and trees ready to be used. You’ll also find a read-me file with all instructions to understand how to use the files correctly.

Haven’t you joined the course yet? Don’t worry! We still have some seats available. Book the dates for your course and start now downloading the files to practice and create environments in UE4.

The upcoming dates available are:

April 26 – 30, 2021
May 17 – 21, 2021
June 7 – 11, 2021

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Book the course now!

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