July 14, 2015
Academy wants to be the place where Artists can grow and thanks to Peter Guthrie’s course, we’re moving again in this direction.

When we decided to found Academy, we were thinking to create a unique place where students could learn from the best Artists and be followed in the best way to reach one main goal: to make the ArchViz become their job and create remarkable images.

This is exactly what we did in this last week with Peter.

The Architectural Visualization can be approached in different ways and only when exchanging views with such big Artists, it can be properly understood. Peter is a real professional with an extraordinary sensitivity toward this job. The guys who attended the course have created amazing images under Peter’s supervision in a really limited time. Here, we are all so proud of what have been done. We truly believe that SOA Academy is the right place where Talents can grow and where Artists can refine their technics and visions on this wonderful world.

A big smile is now on our faces since we’re aware that we’ve chosen the right path and we’re looking forward to going on this way with all our students. In behalf of the SOA Academy team, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Peter Guthrie and the 12 guys of this amazing Lighting Masterclass for their time and energy spent in this week here with us. We’ll miss you so much but remember that SOA Academy will always be your home.
If you call in to see us, the door will always be open for you.

A big hug to you all.


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