November 11, 2019
SOA Academy announces the renewal of the partnership with Substance with new benefits for SOA Students.

Starting with the Masterclass#43, which is beginning today, all students attending a SOA course including Substance in their schedule, will receive some free credits to download their own materials from Substance Source.
This is an addition to the 2-month free license already available for all our students.

What is Substance Source?

Substance Source is the high-end material library with thousands of customizable materials made available from high-profile Artists and Specialists. A huge collection that is constantly expanding to offer unique materials editable through a variety of parameters. 

All materials below were taken from Substance Source.


A great opportunity for everybody involved in SOA courses.
Go book your seat in Substance course from Feb. 24 to 28, 2020 and take advantage of the incredible features of the software.

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