April 16, 2019
It’s a pleasure to announce the 10th edition of Academy Days, the biggest Archviz Event in the industry, where big names, professionals and students get together for two days to share their passion about digital architecture, expand their knowledge and establish new relationships.

The event will take place on October 4 – 5, preceded by a full day dedicated to workshops on October 3. This year’s landmark conference marks our 10th anniversary. To celebrate, besides the usual line-up of top Industry speakers, there will be many new activities, including a big party in a secret location, demo rooms and great networking opportunities.

This is a unique edition of Academy Days, gathering the best Companies and ArchViz Artists of the last ten years together to take stock of the changes faced by the industry and speculate on what to expect in the immediate and far future. Expect great opportunities to learn from experts about business and project management, client retention, technical developments, and the latest trends and topics. All within a carefully cultivated atmosphere that blends professionalism and camaraderie.

Our co-founder and CEO Gianpiero Monopoli says “Looking back, we are very happy with what we’ve achieved over the last ten years, benchmarking the life of the many artists that attend our courses and conferences. Those that started taking our Masterclass, attended the event afterwards and even came back as a speaker. That’s priceless “

As mentioned, the event will take place from Oct 3 – 5. Early Bird sales are now available until 15 May on our website.

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