SOA Academy communication about COVID-19

It’s a difficult time for all of us here at State of Art Academy.

As most of you know, we are based in northern Italy, and the local situation due to the COVID-19 has got to a point in which our responsibility and obligation is to put first the safety of all people who believe in our project and our own safety as well. That’s why we have decided to momentarily suspend all our live courses until the situation settles down.

Though we truly believe the experience of in-class teaching and hand to hand learning is hard to replace, we also believe in our commitment to the industry as well as our responsibility as teachers to keep on delivering knowledge. Therefore, we are already reorganising our educational offer in order to achieve the calendar we set up at the beginning of the year and offer our students the best ArchViz training.
To achieve this milestone, we will rely on technology to support us in this transition phase. Our calendar of upcoming live courses will vary in accordance with the decisions taken by the Italian government. All people who have booked a seat in the next courses and are involved in the changes have already been informed about them.

We hope this period makes us all think as individuals how our behaviour can influence the evolution of so many others, so in the future we prioritize what really is important and what is not.

A virus might stop us now, but everything will hopefully end soon, and then it will be wonderful to meet again in class, or next October at AcademyDays to continue the work we started 10 years ago.
Let’s stay home today to be together tomorrow.


For any communication, please write to us at [email protected] or through our social channels.


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