November 29, 2016
We’re proud to announce that SOA Academy is now a Corona Authorized Training Center. Find more on future courses.

We’re proud to announce that SOA Academy is now a Corona Authorized Training Center, the first one now available in the ArchViz world.

In the last years, we have been following with great interest all the developments related to this rendering engine; we have supported the development team by giving them our point of view as final users. Our experience in the training field has also given a contribute to the educational development of this software and the Render Legion team did an extraordinary work on it. It has been a long process that started more than 2 years ago and that now we can finally reap the rewards of what have been done.

Last weekend, our tutors Gianpiero Monopoli and Roberto De Rose had the chance to attend a crash course at Corona Academy and become “Primary Certified Instructors”. The course organized by the software developers let Roberto and Gianpiero find out details related to the code and features of the platform. The qualification they got will be the start for the training of new certified instructors and professional end users.

The new Corona Renderer course will be structured as a workshop in which theoretical classes will be followed by practical moments dedicated to test on specific scenes what has been previously taught. In the course will be explained in a detailed way how the software works so that the students can get good results in a relatively small amount of time.

The Corona courses offered at SOA Academy will have the goal to train future certified users, who will then use their qualification to confirm their skills with their potential clients. In order to be admitted to the Corona Renderer course, future students have to comply with some minimum requirements. More specifically, they will have to have good skills on 3dsMax and on a rendering engine (it can be either Corona or a different rendering engine). The courses can be attended both by people with no experience on Corona and people with some knowledge on the software.

The ArchViz field is continuously growing and spreading, thus it is essential to know the differences among the software available on the market. Our mantra here at SOA Academy is Never stop learning. So, we strongly believe that Corona Renderer deserves to be included in our educational offer because it is part of the skills that Artists should have nowadays.

The first course that Academy offers on Corona Renderer is taking place from February 13th to 17th, 2017. Registrations will open starting from mid-December. The detailed schedule will be available shortly on the course page on our website (

We suggest you to keep following us to be up to date on next Academy news.

SOA team

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