July 8, 2014
Masterclass#11: Soccer world cup and humanity

Masterclass#11: Soccer world cup and humanity

The guys of Masterclass#11 have just left our Academy. After a month full of teaching hours, dealing with a project that only apparently was simple and having to change one’s working habits to follow our workflow, they finally came to the much desired result.

We shared with them a lot of moments, some absolutely hilarious, others very unpleasant, such as Italy’s elimination from Brazil’s World Cup! Yes, we work hard here at Academy, but an important part of time is dedicated to social life, because incredible results are only achieved through a group that is close and ready to meet challenges. In every masterclass there is always something special that leaves a mark: this time, I will bring the humanity of each of our guys with me. Everyone was ready to help each other, to share and understand in which moments was better to laugh instead of kicking a computer.

It was really nice to spend with you a month of our lives: you gave us the vision of a better world that we haven’t seen for a while. Tolerance and joining forces between cultures so different is the mixture for a successful future. I’m sure you will treasure what was done during your permanence here at Academy, and I’m also sure we’ll see you again soon, because it is always nice to spend some time with people like you. Academy will always be your home wherever you are in the world. Treasure what you learned here, adjust and improve it for your projects.

We are going to see you doing great things and we are going to hear talking about your images soon. It will take passion, dedication and a great diligence, but if you’ll believe in what you do everything will become easier and results won’t be slow in coming. We wish you all the best for your carrier and hope to meet you again at Academy one day.


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