October 7, 2014
L’AcademyDay#5 has finished: a big family!

L’AcademyDay#5 has finished: a big family!

The SOA Academy Day#5 just ended a few hours ago and I can finally seat in front of my desk to tell what are the feelings I carry within me. While I am doing it, I am sipping a glass of Cabernet and I’ll probably light a cigarette soon (terrible bad habit!). The room is dark and silent, almost surreal: I spent three days among so many enthusiastic and friendly people that now, maybe, even if a truck passed outside my window, I wouldn’t hear it.

I remember when we first started this adventure 4 years ago, when we were 70 and all Italians. I am now looking through the pictures and I realize that the AcademyDay is by now a reality and a reference for the arch-viz industry. Even though the event has grown in terms of attendance, the present artists ensured everything was very spontaneous and friendly. It reminded me of a big family. God knows how much this value is important to me in my life: building a community, just like a family, requires big sacrifices, constant effort and lots of honesty. It’s tough to explain how you feel when professionals from all over the world decide to face very long journeys to come and attend your event. You feel a big pressure, you face a hard task.

[ux_video url=”https://vimeo.com/108340858″]

State of Art Academy 2014 Drone from The Boundary on Vimeo.

You ask yourself: What if I fail? What if I don’t live up to expectations? So you set to work, you think and rethink about what to put in order, you check everything again ad nauseam so that that promise becomes reality. Personally, of this Academyday I will bring with me the big sense of inspiration that our speakers managed to bring on that stage and to pass to the attendants. It’s not easy to talk in front of a public, neither it is when that very same public expects something great from you. I saw great professional that with great humbleness made themselves available to make our industry better suggesting the way to grow: incredibly, we found out that the way is not the software. I can’t avoid to pay my compliments and to thank them for the beautiful moments we spent together.

As always, I think the AcademyDay is possible thanks to the love and sense of belonging that many feel towards this event, and it’s to them I want to dedicate this thought: never stop dreaming, because that’s what makes you so special. And if one day I think about giving up everything, it will be the strength of your dreams to make me change my mind.

Lots of love,


Video by The Boundary

Photos by David Connolly Insightful Light

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