June 5, 2018
After many SOA AcademyDay editions, Ronen Bekerman, our media partner, interviewed the guys from iToo Software. Here we introduce the interview with Paul Roberts, Jaime Parga and Daniel Quintero, who will tell us something on how the company was born and its future.

To find the origins of the company, we have to go back to 1999 when Daniel and his brother Carlos were working in a small engineering company and were commissioned to render 27 holes. Of course, the golf club had to include many trees, rocks and also houses. After a long work, they asked themselves why not to create a tool that could make the reproduction of those trees easier. This is how in 2000 the first version of Forest Pack for parametric modeling was born. A few years later, Railclone entered the marketplace.

The team at iToo Software is constantly working on the support for the customers. This is the reason why they educate their customers through the release of tutorials, which can be divided in three tiers: beginners, advanced and those related on alternative uses of the two plugins.

Finally the interview ends focusing on the future of the Forest Pack and Railclone and as Daniel says, the direction to follow is to improve the usability of the plugins to make them easier and faster. But, both Jaime and Paul point their main priority will be on what people is actually asking: presets!

Enjoy the interview!

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