May 31, 2018
Let’s see together the interview that Ronen Bekerman took with Tomasz Wyszolmirski from Dabarti at the AcademyDay#8 on October 6 – 7, 2017.

On October 6-7,2017 SOA Academy presented the AcademyDay#8.

On the stage many artists from the ArchViz industry spoke about their experiences and views to an audience interested in the novelties of the field.

While waiting for the AcademyDay#9, we present the first interview gathered at the AcademyDay#8 by our media partner Ronen Bekerman. The artist interviewed is Tomasz Wyszolmirski who runs Dabarti, which is a small production Studio based in Poland. As Tomasz says, the company is mainly supported by microstock production as they create simple short clips for sale. All clips are royalty-free and thus available to anyone through the major microstock agencies.

In terms of rendering, Dabarti’s products are based on GPU rendering. Tomasz will explain to us the reasons that stand behind this choice and highlight how the software has been optimized over the years to be even faster and effective than before.

Thanks to V-Ray RT the Studio takes one month to work on a single subject with the production of many many videos. Although Tomasz can create a video in about 3 hours, the overall time to create a video largely depends on the person (a junior may need more time than a senior artist).

Finally Tomasz explains how they developed Dabarti’s light assistant and capture. And when photogrammetry isn’t enough, there are many other tools out there to achieve high level of photorealism on details.

We leave you to the video and will be waiting for your comments on our social networks.

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