November 7, 2016
Have a look at the image called “The bunker” from our ex-student David Guardado.

Great image called “The bunker” from our ex-student David Guardado.

The architectural project

Immersed in a very rugged topography, surrounded by nature and woodlands, the “Bunker Hill Project” emerges in order to contain public and meeting spaces in a body, completely free of physical and virtual barriers. Adopting the same topography of the site, taking advantage of the best views in the area, both from inside and from outside.

From the outside, it appears imposing a concrete structure that manages to blend into its surroundings. A large spiral ramp that connects the internal street with the large entrance plaza offers exceptional visual auction. The most peculiar condition of the project lies in one of the client requests, the conceptual premise which we started was to achieve a solemn space, where you can shelter and enjoy recreational spaces.

The rendering project

My main focus was the ambience generated by the lighting, the materials used in the project and the vegetation. I created the general illumination using an  HDRI, a V-Ray light material under the steps and a few rectangle V-Ray lights for accentuating the illumination on the bushes and shrubs. For the vegetation, I used 4 different Forest Packs with a few presets and bushes’ libraries. The concrete material of the bunker was achieved in photoshop with a few dirt and concrete overlays and the sky is a real-world photo.

Software used: 3DS Max, V-Ray, Adobe Photoshop.

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