November 20, 2017
Images of the “The Summer House” from our ex-student Giang Van Hai.

Images of the “The Summer House” from our ex-student Giang Van Hai.

The title of the render is “The Summer house”. It is inspired from “The Sommarhus house” by Johan Sundberg, Sweden.

The main goal is creating new angles and testing new different moods to make the house more lively and interesting. Snow is a challenge for me because I have never done in my work before, however it helped me to make a more dramatic scene.

At the beginning, I spent a lot of time by searching interesting moods and ideas on pinterest, flickr,… Then I started my own idea and quickly modelled the house. I modelled cracks on every corner and edge with Zbrush and mixed many plants, grasses with iToo Forest Pack for the render to be more natural. Regarding lighting, I used: one V-Ray dome with Peter Guithrie HDRI for day scenes; the dusk scene was lighted  with HDRI and some V-RayIES for artificial lights.

During the process, I used SOA academy’s method . It helped me not only to reduce a lot the working time but also to enhance the quality of the Render.

Short animation:

Software used: 3DS Max, V-Ray, Forest Pack, Adobe Photoshop.

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