February 12, 2018
An awesome image called “Capri getaway” from our ex-student Jake Williams.

My recent submission Capri Getaway for the Evermotion competition was a unique challenge to say the least. I was inspired by a recent trip to the Amalfi coast and wanted to push Corona Renderer to make a sea water shader to replicate the clear blue water of the region. Due to some limitations of Corona I also used a secondary V-Ray scene to help with some parts of the image. This included the setup of Phoenix FD for displacement on the water which was then transferred back to the Corona scene for the final render. I had never attempted an approach like this before but I’m glad it came together in the end because there were a few moments of doubt when I wasn’t sure how I would bypass some issues.

Moving forward I’m excited to seeing how Chaos Group can bring these two render engines together for easier collaboration in the future.

WOTW #50: Capri Getaway by Jake Williams
3dsMax, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop, V-Ray.

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