July 18, 2016
Great set of images of the “BlackBerry Kitchen” from Robert Dukes, who attended the Lighting Workshop in 2015.

Great set of images of the “BlackBerry Kitchen” from Robert Dukes, who attended the first Lighting Workshop.

This kitchen was inspired by the High Street Project in Melbourne, Australia created by R.Z Owned Construction. Using photo reference and putting my own twist on the design I was able to create a visually pleasing scene with natural lighting and modern aesthetics. Large open windows and doors allow for a bright open space with contrast from the dark cabinet colour and warm timber tones.

Software used: 3DS Max, V-Ray, Adobe Photoshop

[ux_gallery ids=”7192,7190,7189,7188″ style=”shade” type=”masonry” width=”full-width” col_spacing=”small” columns=”2″ image_height=”75%” image_size=”large” text_size=”small” text_hover=”fade-out” text_bg=”rgb(255, 68, 0)”]

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