August 29, 2016
Great set of images for the Building-H from our ex-student Anh-Huy Le.

Great set of images for the Building-H from our ex-student Anh-Huy Le.

This is the visualization of my proposal for Building-H, which was originally designed by Alvar Aalto in Laanila, Oulu. The building owned by Kemira chemistry company is now partly not in use and in need of modifications. So it became the topic for my restoration course at University of Oulu. The idea behind the images is to emphasize the new vertical openings which help bring more light and freshness to the interior. Therefore the camera work was done in a portrait composition, so as to enhance the verticality. The lighting should have a Nordic mood with a pleasing intensity and very long shadows. The post production was inspired by the works of two photographers, Nick Guttridge and Mária Švarbová.

Except for the vegetation coming from 3D libraries, the whole scene was modeled using 3ds Max, Floor Generator, Forest Pack; rendered in V-Ray and post produced in Photoshop.

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