October 27, 2020
A couple of images to show a cabin by the lake by our former student Guulashan Roy (Masterclass#33).
WOTW#103: Cabin by the lake by Guulshan Roy

Basically, the subject is admiring the beauty of the surroundings, the Cabin, and the person inside the Cabin itself. We can make many stories out of this image and we’re free to do it.

For me, it was like sitting on the wet rock and getting deeply immersed in the beauty of my girlfriend inside that cabin.

I used 3ds Max for modelling, Fstorm Render as the render engine, post-production in Photoshop. Plus Megascans.

WOTW#103: Cabin by the lake by Guulshan Roy
Personal work
3dsMax, Photoshop, Megascans, FStorm.

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