December 22, 2020
Something different from our usual publications: today we’d like to present the work of our own Giona who modelled his gravel bike in 3D.
WOTW#105: Virtual Dream Bike Build by Giona Andreani

I always wanted to translate my passion for bikes into the 3D world, so I used my free time to model my gravel bike in all its details. 

First of all, I forced myself to model the bike as close as possible to the real one. I ended up having my bike in the room next to my pc so I could take measures and photos of details. 

Even if I know very well how a bike is made, I was surprised at the amount of small details that I had to model to make it look realistic.

The process was quite long, since I used this case study to experiment with different techniques. 

I used Substance Designer to make several materials, like the Displacement map of the tyre treads, the side wall of the tyre, the dirt on the disk brakes and the handlebar tape. 

With the help of Substance Painter I painted the welds of the frame and managed to apply the decals on it. With Painter I’m also preparing a dirty version of the bike that I’ll hopefully publish soon.

When the model was complete, I created different virtual sets, to make a photo shooting of the bike.

The first set is the so-called Sci-Fi Box. 

The idea came after talking with my girlfriend Claudia; she suggested a room with mirrored walls, then I mixed that idea with other sci fi references that I collected before, especially a photo of an exhibition of the japanese artist Hajime Sorayama.

With this set I played with the Corona Lightmixer to create a few short animations to unveil the bike as if it was the announcement of a brand new bike. I also used Phoenix FD to make a smoke simulation inside the box. 

You can see on my instagram account some reels made out of this simulation.

The garden set is inspired by my home garden, most of the plants are custom made with GrowFX, using scanned leaves that I collected directly from the outside of my home.

For the ground vegetation I mixed some Megascans leaves (the yellow ones) with other custom made clovers and small plants.

Personal work
3dsMax, Corona Renderer, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Megascans, Phoenix PD, GrowFX.

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