WOTW#18: Residential project in Ecuador by Sebastián Granda

Great images of a residential project from our ex-student Sebastián Granda.

As always, it’s a pleasure to work on big spaces for a change! This is a residential project in Quito-Ecuador, in one of the nice suburbs of the city. The 3D model was delivered by the client in .skp and, as the good guys of SOA warned us, represented a huge problem for me since I had to fix a lot of little issues. I modeled some architectural details and some specific decoration objects and had a lot of fun with the illumination and post production process. Originally, the night shot wasn’t requested by the client, but I thought it could be a nice one so I made it anyway. When the client saw it, they ended up adding it to the initial request!

Software used: 3ds Max, Forest Pack, V-Ray, Adobe Photoshop.

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