November 28, 2016
Here we present an image of an apartment in Munich Bogenhausen from our ex-student Sebastian Kraus.

Great image of an apartment in Munich Bogenhausen from our ex-student Sebastian Kraus.

This is the first image out of a set, I’m currently working on. It’s a building with 3 apartments in Munich Bogenhausen.

Usually I get the 2D drawings, model everything in 3dsMax, use Itoo ForestPack for the vegetation/surroundings and have to “make it nice” without any particular strict guidelines – which can be fun at times, but sometimes even be rather exhausting.

So I tried to think outside the box this time and got in contact with Johanna Nüsch, a Designer friend of mine. We did the interior concept together, discussed alot and I was able to focus more on the major parts: composition, camera, lightbalance and a natural feel of the image, without getting to fancy in postproduction. Corona 1.5 helped me alot, achieving this task and I really enjoyed working with it. Finally I just added some Curves, color corrections, reflections and subtle dirt in Photoshop.

Software used: 3dsMax, Corona, ForestPack, ArionFX, Adobe Photoshop.

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