WOTW#20: The contemporary hut by Luca Pileri

A personal image called “The contemporary hut” from our ex-student Luca Pileri.

The first step to create this personal render was to find good references on the internet. I stumbled upon a project by a London-based Studio called Soup architects. It is about two twinned Studios detached form the main house and placed in a garden.

Thus, I started modeling: first I created the architecture and then worked on the landscape. I decided to change the intended use of the interiors and changed them from the ones of a Studio to the ones of a guest house. My goal was to make a “refuge” inserted in a vegetation with a dark atmosphere.

With reference to the landscape, I used 5 different Forest Packs: the trees by Icube and some basic presets for the stones and the grass. After completing the modeling, I used a Peter Guthrie’s HDRI for the lighting. In post-production, I added some details and made some adjustments on each object thanks to masks obtained with the ID-Tools plugin. This helped me improve the exposition, the color and the reflection.

Software used: 3DS Max, V-Ray, Itoo software, Adobe Photoshop.

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