WOTW#31: The café by Prabhudas Bhagwat

Another good set of images by our ex-student Prabhudas Bhagwat. The name of this project is “The café”.

I started this Café keeping in mind early morning time, as coffee is a great starter of the day. Peeping sunshine transcends visual freshness and spaciousness of the place in a single glance. ‘Easy going’ cafe ambience is caressed by simple elegant furniture while white, brown and blue colours radiate the feeling of freedom and liberty.

For this particular project I used Corona Renderer to try some texturing techniques to show some details on the teapot, coffee mugs, coffee beans etc. I used HDRI and Sun to create this morning light coming from the window and the door. I created several custom textures in Photoshop. In the end very little photoshop touch is given to colour correct the image.

Software used : 3DS Max, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop.

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