August 7, 2017
Great image called “Farnsworth House” from our ex-student Cristina Livramento.

Great image called “Farnsworth House” from our ex-student Cristina Livramento.

After finishing the masterclass, I had an interval of time in my professional life while organizing my move to work in other city. At that time a competition took place in my country: the competition consisted of creating a scene, internal or external about the Farnsworth House. I thought it would be a very interesting opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge acquired in the course. The most striking idea I brought with me after this month of studies was the idea of developing my artistic potential and putting into the images the sensations that I would like to pass on.

In this scene I would like to convey the feeling of intimacy and comfort. I would like to awaken in the viewer the desire to enter the house on a cold night. To create this scene I used many of the teachings taught in the course. About the scene composition, I recorded all the creation process. Today the image is competing in a national competition. I’m very happy to have taken the SOA masterclass course and have felt much more capable as a professional and artist.

Software used: 3DS Max, V-Ray, Adobe Photoshop.

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