February 19, 2018
Awesome team work for the “Radisson Blu Hotel” from our ex-students Carlo Vergnano, Andrea di Mattia, Stefano Fochetti and Pierre-André Biron.

This work started when Andrea wrote a message in the WhatsApp group of our Masterclass. He said there was this project and he was looking for collaborators for the creation of a series of images (around 25).

Carlo, Pier-André and Stefano replied to the message and the work started.

Since they are living in different cities and Pier is in France, they had to start working together through Skype and this created some initial inconvenience mainly from the organizational point of view (like calls at 10/11pm after work).

The works was so divided:

  • Andrea did the modeling part and the natural lighting for the different areas: 2 halls, 1 kind of apartments, 2 meeting rooms, 1 restaurant, 1 nightclub.
  • Carlo and Stefano worked on the materials and set the various cameras. They also looked for the props in the scenes.
  • Pier, who is the person with higher experience in the field, was the supervisor of the project and “the rendering person”. He was mainly the final filter who gave advice and made corrections to the file before the final render.

They took a shared decision to select the views and then discussed them to determine which were the best to send to the client.

Most of the images were sent by Pier to a Render Farm Service (RebusFarm) because of the tight timeframe and the big amount of images to render.

Once the final images were ready, all the team did the post-production. And, as you can see, the images don’t represent just one style/taste but are quite different one to the other reflecting the different “hands” working one them.

City: Misurata (Lybia)

Clients: MBA Consulting

3dsMax, Adobe Photoshop, V-Ray, Substance Designer, Forest Pack, Quixel Suite, Arion FX.

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