WOTW#56: The Maitland – A Remake by Michel Abou Rjaily

A good work called “The Maitland – A Remake” from our ex-student Michel Abou Rjaily.

This image is my replica of an already existing render done by Third Aesthetic, an archviz company in Sydney, Australia.

After the Masterclass #33, I was really curious to use my newly acquired skills and stumbled upon this beautiful interior shot of a luxurious bathroom. I immediately felt the challenge calling, so I tried replicating it. Using only the original render as reference, I was able to almost make a very similar image which I am very happy with.

I would like to call my image “The Maitland – A Remake” since I do not own the original image.

Software used: 3dsMax, V-ray, Photoshop CC, ArionFx, Quixel.

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