September 24, 2018
A great set of images for the project “Modern Family Kitchen” from our ex-student Yazan Samsam.

Hello everyone,

My name is Yazan Samsam an interior designer and CGI artist, working currently in Dubai. That Field here is tough because of the fierce competition. The projects should meet the deadlines accurately with a high quality within a very fast timeline.

To approach this project, V-Ray wasn’t the best option so I needed a further skill development. And there’s only one place to go and that is State Of Art Academy. After finalizing the Corona course, I’m now able to achieve higher quality in less time. The idea of interactive rendering and light mix in corona helps to simplify and speed up the process to achieve photorealistic results in a very effective way.

The Project:

Modern Family Kitchen made in 2014, integrated with many solutions to be functional but still bears of a style. We brought the kitchen back to its primary form, with minimum thicknesses that defines a new essentiality between the wide horizontal surfaces and the vertical lines. The kitchen has a minimal connotation, where each component is reduced to the essential forms with the aims of a faultless functionality.

Finishes: Corian, Carrara, and Granite surfaces. mat touch Laminate, Wood, Grid Melamine (white and embossed Lacquered), glossy Acrylic, embossed and glossy Lacquered, Steel, Etched and glossy glass,

Timeline: 6 days for Design, Lighting, Rendering, and Post.

Special thanks to Gianpiero, Roberto, and Giona.

In the gallery:

  • first image: reference board
  • following images by Yazan Samsam
Referance Board
Referance Board
3dsMax, Corona Renderer.

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