May 6, 2019
Drazen Zigmanovic presents Epinay Building made for a competition.
Epinay Building by Drazen Zigmanovic
WOTW#73: Epinay Building by Drazen Zigmanovic

This time I was working on a few commissioned images on a large scale project in France / Paris / Epinay / district.

The client is SUD Architectes from Paris. It was a competition with a tight deadline. The design had a crucial and vital role because it will revive the surrounding area thanks to its commercial spaces. The Client asked for three images in ten days after providing a fairly good model in SketchUp, but only for the buildings. Roads, crossroads, urban furniture and other assets had to be modeled.

The design consisted of two buildings. Both are retail types.

The first one is larger and it has more commercial spaces and some coffee bars and a lot of office spaces. On the top of the building can be found a closed glass garden insulated with polycarbonate sheet panels. The second building is a red cross of France building with only offices and meeting rooms. The Client wanted to show the ground level atmosphere at its best, as they are most appealing to the viewers’ eyes. The Client also asked for nice reflections on the road from the interior lights at the ground level.

3dsMax, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop.

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