February 6, 2020
Phil Ryan from the Masterclass#25 presents his “Alpine House” as the Work of this Week.
WOTW#82: Alpine House by Phil Ryan

Each year, I set some time aside for small personal projects where I can render what I like without any client restrictions limiting the end result. Usually this involves going to ArchDaily or Dezeen and choosing a building I like the look of and rendering that. I find that trying to replicate existing photography is the quickest way to improve in our field and because I hadn’t done it in quite awhile, I took 3 days and decided to produce a set of images inspired by the Mountain House by Kropka Architects. It took one day to model the building, interior and surrounding site, and then two days of texturing and lighting before rendering the final product. There are many, many things I would like to improve on in the set, as well as other images I would like to produce, however I feel like setting a specific timeline is good to keep myself from going overboard on any given project. 3 days seemed like a good time investment and I’m very happy with the result, which was one of the only winter scenes involving snow that I’ve ever worked on which was great fun!

Personal work
3dsMax, Corona Renderer, Photoshop, Lightroom.

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