March 2, 2020
Our former student and friend Greg Rogers presents his “Don Draper’s apartment” from the tv show “Mad Men”. A stunning work fully made with Unreal Engine.
WOTW#86: Don by Greg Rogers

A recreation of Don Draper’s Upper East Side apartment from the T.V. show, “Mad Men”. 

This was my first project with Unreal Engine from start to finish. I had only what was available on Google Images to model 3d assets and create textures.  Some of the assets were purchased from various sources but for the most part everything was from scratch. Quixel megascans paired with the Bridge plugin for Unreal was also incredibly useful. Their 3D and 2D collections are unmatched and saved me hours and hours of work.

3dsMax, Unreal Engine, Megascans, After Effects.

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