March 17, 2020
A great set of images made by Aristotle Gaddi and visualising Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre.
WOTW#88: Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre by Aristotle Gaddi

I decided to create this image for one rendering challenge because this architecture was designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano and I really love this form of architecture.

The big challenge on this image is the execution of fog and clouds to the mountain. Using Forest Pack 6, I properly put all my vegetation exactly in the place that I wanted. MaxTree helped me with plants and tree sources. But I needed to tweak all mats in order to have a proper gradient on the grading. I created the clouds using Houdini, using Corona volumetric grid, I loaded the clouds with .vdb extension into Max and test until I was happy with the form.
Corona 5 is a very important part of this image. Sun and sky work perfectly in this kind of lighting.

“I will never stop learning” I always bring these words from State of Art Academy (Masterclass#16). If you want to learn don’t stop, if you want to prove something, don’t stop and if you want to get better, don’t stop dreaming big and make sure you always have the 1st move.

3dsMax, Corona Renderer, Forest Pack, Houdini.

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