April 20, 2020
Duccio Parisini, former student in the Masterclass#44, presents is recreation of a frame from the movie “Her”.
WOTW#91: Her by Duccio Parisini

I’ve always been inspired by the great work of Dop Hoyte van Hoytema and, in this project, I tried to recreate a frame of the movie “Her” (2013, Dir. Spike Jonze).

Modelling the whole apartment and furniture was a great way to exercise, matching dimensions, shaders and lighting in the frame.

My goal was to improve my skills in the 3d software as much as possible: this meant reproducing the Los Angeles skyscrapers view, as well as floor reflections. To recreate them, I crafted a HDR Image through photobashing elements from the reference buildings with skyscraper images and then trying to match their position in the frame.

Lighting an interior scene in a movie set often requires to shape light using multiple sources (using flags and light modifiers) and this one was no exception. After positioning diegetic lights, I tried to guess position and dimension of the other light sources. I achieved the final result through trial and errors by moving flags to shape key and fill lights.

Lastly I added the super talented Joaquin Phoenix to the picture and made few adjustments in post processing.

Original frame from the movie "Her"
Personal work
3dsMax, Corona Renderer, Photoshop, RailClone.