May 4, 2020
Santiago Vilaseca, SOA Academy student, RebusFarm’s Artist of the Month and co-founder of Kraken Studio, presents his Casa Tri.
Casa Tri by Santiago Vilaseca, Kraken Studio
WOTW#93: Casa Tri by Santiago Vilaseca

I always loved the idea of building my own cabin surrounded by nature, just to escape every so often from the hustle and bustle of our lives.

I started with the “Lake House” that has been very well received by our community, which encouraged me to continue along this path, to develop a series of cabins in different contexts. “Casa TRI” came next, just as the quarantine began, reflecting my hopes and fears of these uncertain times. This is a little house, no more than I would actually need, at heights to carefully observe our planet, surrounded by troubled waters: everything seems strangely quiet and invites to the introspection.

I like to experiment composition, natural lighting and neutral tones. This image took me only few hours but the idea went through my mind for days until I felt ready to give it shape. This kind of production process is quite straightforward since I’m only following my own vision.

Some sketches and 3dsMax viewport:

Cabins series:

WOTW#93: Casa Tri by Santiago Vilaseca
Personal work
3dsMax, Photoshop, V-Ray, RailClone, Forest Pack.

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