October 8, 2013
The fourth edition of the Academy Day is behind us now. It’s been a long journey that began a year ago when I sent a small email to the great professionals who have turned out also some great friends.

The fourth edition of the Academy Day is behind us now. It’s been a long journey that began a year ago when I sent a small email to the great professionals who have turned out also some great friends.

It’s never easy to organize an event, it becomes even more difficult when you always want to give the best to those who will also participate along 5000km to reach you. The message we wanted to convey, was that being creative in our work it really makes a difference. We had the pleasure and honor to compare ourselves with professionals who with their creativity have made it a source of life and business. Think different it’s a great phrase to be repeated every day: it makes you stand out and also recognizable.

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Through this post I want to thank all the Academy Day attendants and reaffirm that without you this would not have been possible. I thank you for the time you have dedicated to us, thank you for the miles you have traveled from Australia to Russia, via the U.S., Argentina and all over Europe, I thank you because I’ve heard so much affection and your smile and your handshakes have been for me the greatest reward for my efforts.

I would like to say thanks to our fantastic guests who wanted to share their experience and their way to be creative.
To Bertrand Benoit a true artist who has decided to face the public at the ‘Academy Day and from whom I really learned many things;
to Peter Jaworowski and Marcin Molski Ars Thanea that led us into their world and I hope that many will be inspired by today from their works, I thank them because today we know that “Google it” is part of the international vocabulary to be used in every occasion , but at every …;
to Nick Bentley and Mark Lee for Uniform great innovators and always a step ahead of all the others;
to Peter Guthrie a great friend and a great professional, who knows how to inspire with his images;
to Christopher Malheiros of Luxigon fantastic artist who showed us how creativity, speed and patience if managed in the best way they can live together and produce extraordinary results;
to Vlado that despite his shyness it’s one of the finest minds of our time, and I wish him a great success;
to Paul Roberts and Daniel Quintero who showed live new and useful tools that I am sure will solve many problems that daily each 3D Artist is facing;
to Dario Lanza for showing us the potential of Maxwell render;
to Ronen Bekerman and Maryam Nademi because it’s always a pleasure to meet them and for the greatest support they make for the event every year;
to the Academy team that with Manuela, Roberto, Riccardo and many other friends have contributed to the success of this edition.

I read the twits, looking on Facebook and only now begin to understand that we have done something nice and in some ways unique. I’m excited and I want to enjoy this moment as much as I can. We’ll wait for you next year because without you it would not be the same.
A big hug.

Gianpiero Peo Monopoli

Photos by State of Art Academy – William Celliers – Rakan Jandali – Luca Kuka Catino – Jeffrey Faranial – Patric Verstraete

Reviews: CGRECORD part 1 CGRECORD part2

UNIFORM by Mark Lee

UNIFORM by Rob Deja

ps: If you’ve some pics of the #Ad4 and you’d like to share them with us please send a wetransfer or a dropbox using the email [email protected]. Thank you!

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