October 6, 2015
The sixth edition of the SoA AcademyDay has just finished and it’s time to sum it up.

The sixth edition of the SOA AcademyDay has just finished and I’m here thinking on what has been done.

I’ve spend the entire afternoon reading and answering to all the messages of appreciation and congratulations from the people who attended the event.
As a curator of the event, I tried to combine in one main leading thread the three themes that we wanted to deal with in the AcademyDay#6: discovering tecnologies, talents and techniques.

We started working with the speakers with the goal to let this three themes stand out. Some interesting discussions emerged, which were then taken to light in the event and which I really appreciated.

I realised that the AcademyDay is something that continues changing and also that it’s very important to make onself at disposal of the industry to give inspiration to the world and also to meet people, discuss and look at new horizons for business.

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While Academy has become the place where we take the experience gained in production and pass it on to students, professionals and companies in our ArchViz courses, the AcademyDay is something different: we want to spread some concepts and our way of working, which would be difficult to do with a simple making of.

We also feel the need to put forward the new technologies that are constantly developing and are now part of the computer science applied to our industry. This requires efforts and commitment but the results show that we’re doing right, year after year.

As last year, also this AcademyDay edition was fully booked, but the record was that people from 32 countries had registered. This is so incredible.
It was a pleasure to see again companies; artists and ex-students, who every year attend the event, as well as to meet new ones.

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Once again, I sincerely thank our guests, who actively participated to the event with their willingness and professionalism: HayesDavidson, SquintOpera, Beauty & The Bit, Bloomimages, The Boundary, Nikos Nikolopoulos, Lon Grohs, Wyeth Johnson, and our sponsors: Epic Unreal, Itoosoft, Chaos Group, Nextlimit and Wacom.

A special thanks goes to our big friend Ronen Bekerman for his media support before, during and after the event.

Now for us it’s time to work to compose our thoughts and start thinking to next edition that, we promise, will be full of novelties!
We wish you a safe trip back home and hope to see you again next year at the AcademyDay#7. We’ll be there for sure!

A big hug.

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