Let’s go Big

The Masterclass #44, which has just finished here at SOA Academy, was the first of this 2020 and we are very happy for starting with so many new features that now we want to reveal.

The first one: the course has always been in continuous development for 10 years now and after updating the technologies and software used, we decided to change the scale of the projects on which our students will have to work during the final workshop week.
To work on a larger scale means focusing on the whole project in terms of composition and mood, counting every single additional polygon so as not to slow down the viewport, working with XREF for a more collaborative approach and better management of complex scenes, having a perception of how the materials appear at a certain distance and creating more complex illuminations. We believe that these aspects are on the agenda of every artist who work for or is looking for large companies and important projects.

So for the Masterclass#44 we took an icon of contemporary architecture: Virgin Galatic’s Space Port designed by Foster and Partners. Not only for the design, but for what it represents, the Space Port gave inspiration and made this Masterclass imagine some scenes and moments of life inside this great place. It was an honor for all of us to pay homage to such a project, envisioned by two extraordinary men like Richard Branson and Norman Foster. And today we are proud to show everyone the results.

The second change is that in the first three weeks of course, all lessons will be connected one to the others. In this way, step by step, exercise after exercises, the students will create a project from scratch. From modeling to photographic composition, from lighting to materials, from vegetation to post-production. So they will learn a solid workflow and get ready for the fourth week with the workshop.

The third news is about the introduction of the SOA CV.
From this year, all our students will have the opportunity to be accompanied in the creation of their CV, which will also include a recommendation letter made by SoA Academy teachers at the end of the month.
At the end of the course, thanks to a partnership with the most important archviz studios and architectural firms, these CVs will be directly submitted by the students to the attention of those responsible for the selection of the staff so that this initiative can constitute a bridge between teaching and search for talent.
The companies that have already joined and enthusiastically support this initiative are: The Boundary, Recent Spaces, Binyan, Norm Li, Uniform, Hayes Davidson and Xoio.
Others will be added in the coming weeks to testify the quality of the work that here at SOA Academy we continue to offer to the whole industry.

We spent a month full of beautiful moments and fun thanks to these 12 boys and girls. Their work has been truly commendable and we are confident that their path to the stars has just begun.

A hug,
Peo & Roberto

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Let’s go Big

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