April 3, 2018
We had a lot of fun in the past month here at Academy with the Masterclass#33. We were in company of 12 people who had arrived with enthusiasm of learning and having fun

The perfect mix of ingredients that make an experience successful. Our guys and gals worked intensively on the schedule and particularly on the workshop which gave birth to the outcomes you can now see in our gallery.

It was a great adventure because each of them brought to our attention some aspects related to the problems that they face everyday at work and together we found efficient solutions, which they’ll take in their skillset.

We also collected their doubts, uncertainty and frustration regarding our profession nowadays. Everything came from their willingness to do this job, to become complete Artists. We gave them the skills to do it and we’re sure that they’ll take stock of this as we see a strong passion burning in their eyes. But, when we talk about burning with this guys, we have to pay attention given the flames in their kitchen which almost burned down the whole house.

So my suggestion is: do 3D but go eating somewhere else. Cooking isn’t for you!

Thank you guys! It was a privilege to meet you.

A hug,


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