April 2, 2019
I’m really proud of working with 12 boys and girls during the latest Masterclass#39.

We have rediscovered the taste of working on something different compared to past editions. An organic architecture where you can’t rely on any straight line and for these reasons very difficult to photograph. Our boys have accepted the challenge and I must say that I found them very willing to get involved: a necessary condition to get out of their shell and improve.

I shared wonderful moments with them. With SOA teachers’ guidance, they proved to themselves and to the whole world that it is possible to achieve something great if you have passion and motivation towards a goal.

Although it was very difficult to get away for 4 weeks to take the Masterclass, it was absolutely worth it. When I arrived all I knew how to do in 3ds Max was create a teapot. Now after 4 weeks, I have learned to complete beautiful 3D ArchViz renderings. The depth of knowledge, experience and creative mastery that was weekly shared with us by the teachers and staff far exceeded my expectations.

The beauty of their final images is the best gift that these guys could give me and actually represent their geographical identity.

Being able to admire different approaches to the compositionuse of colors and techniques gave me more and more the conviction that the only thing that really counts in our work are the artists and that whatever software they will use, their production will always speak about them and represent the uniqueness of the human being.

It’s fascinating and a privilege for me to have met you. I’ve seen so much talent and uniqueness. The future of our industry is here and as an instructor I can only be honored to have been part of your life, even for just one month.

I am sure we will meet again but the thing I am even more sure of is that I will soon hear about the images that you will make during your career.
A big hug, dear guys.


We remind you that next Masterclass available is from July 8th to August 2nd, 2019. Look at the course details here.

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