Last Friday, we finished our Masterclass#54 here at SoA Academy.

We had the chance to work with this fantastic group on the project inspired by “House in Cascais,” designed by Openbook Architecture and photographed by Fernando Guerra.

The girls and guys from different countries gave the project a great interpretation of the design, and they worked very hard to achieve the results we are proud to showcase here.

It’s been an incredible journey with them, and we took the opportunity to share unique moments where we could know each other better.

I can say that I found great people to work with, and the quality of their artwork shows their desire to succeed in the Industry.

I loved the enthusiasm and the willingness to improve, even when facing very big challenges. I saw people starting from zero and surprising me quite a lot as in the end they got more knowledge and improved their skills in only a few weeks to achieve very high production standards.

I believe that this is what Industry needs: people with the strength and force to go out of their comfort zone and push their limits to reach an excellent result.

I want to express my gratitude for being an instructor because it allows me to meet these amazing people, and I want to congratulate Masterclass#54 for what was done during this month, which I’ll remember and keep in my heart.

Now the class is empty, and there are no more laughs to hear or your desperate call for help. It’s a bit sad, but I know that we gave all of you the tools to continue alone and build the big careers you deserve.

And if you’ll be around one day, just give me a shout.
It’ll be great to see you again.

A big hug,

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