April 17, 2017
Proudly we have completed our first Unreal Engine Masterclass at SOA Academy.

Proudly we have completed our first Unreal Engine Masterclass at SOA Academy.

We hosted 12 students from all over the world; some of them had already attended other courses at Academy and for us it was a pleasure to meet them once again.

The course took our team about a year and a half of research and development. The results that we can show now give us the certainty that what we did put us in the right direction as we think that Unreal Engine will become an essential tool for producing content to be enjoyed in VR. Our know-how on the matter has been shared in this course and we’re confident that the guys will draw upon what they learned to create something interesting in the near future.

In the course we used the latest real-time technologies to create shaders thanks to Substance Designer as well as the vegetation thanks to Quixel Megascans. Another important aspect was determined by the interactivity with the surrounding environment: an aspect that is essential for anyone who is willing to make the VR experience even more immersive. They were two tough weeks also because of the amount of information provided and the attention we requested from our students. Anyway, the results show that everything was worth it.

We are sure that this adventure is just at its beginning. The development of Unreal combined with the use of additional plugins will lead to a higher creation of real-time contents for architecture and design, which will also give a new standard to follow in our industry. A new era is here and at Academy we are ready to take up the challenge to guide our guys to a new way of understanding the architectural visualization.

[ux_video url=”https://youtu.be/8wHD54C6gEA”]

Here we present a gallery with some of the images used as exercises in the Masterclass:

[ux_gallery ids=”8634,8633,8632,8631,8630,8629,8628,8627,8626,8625,8624,8623,8622,8621,8620,8619,8618,8617,8616,8615,8614″ style=”none” type=”masonry” width=”full-width” col_spacing=”small” image_height=”75%” image_size=”large”]

[ux_gallery ids=”13468,13469,13470,13471,13472,13473,13474,13475,13476,13477,13478,13479,13480″ style=”none” width=”full-width” col_spacing=”small” image_height=”75%” image_size=”large”]

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