July 6, 2020
Great set of images for the “Loft Office” by Karnvir Gulati from the Masterclass #43.
WOTW#97: Loft office by Karnvir Gulati

While creating this office the first thought that came to my mind was big windows with industrial theme.

So to start the process I looked up for the reference images. And the one that got my eyes was the pics from the loft apartment in Netherland (pics below by Paulina Arklin) .It was pure white with minimal interior and chipped off concrete beams with natural light coming from outside. Instead of creating residential interior loft I went for an office interior. I used Corona render engine with 3dsMax

So my keywords for design inspiration were after looking up the reference were, “wood, green, modern, concrete”. The whole designing approach revolved around these keywords.

Here the references by Paulina Arklin:

Paulina Arklin's loft - Reference for Karnvir's project
Paulina Arklin's loft - Reference for Karnvir's project
3dsMax, Corona Renderer.

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