June 12, 2018
The fourth interview taken at the AcademyDay#8 is with Marta Calbi, postgraduate researcher in the Department of medicine and Surgery at the University of Parma.

She talks about experimental aesthetic and in particular on how the observer’s brain reacts during an aesthetic experience (when watching a movie or with reference to image perception).

In her view for the future, there may be a device that can automatically understand what happens in the observers’ brain during the perception of images and artworks and thus give an objective judgement on the beauty of a work. In any case, Marta highlights how the body in an aesthetic experience is still essential. So the solution could be the visual processing of the image and a sensory motor experience to understand and aesthetically evaluate the artwork.

With reference to the way in which studies in the field are carried out, Marta says that for statistical reasons, they have to consider a large sample of people (min. 30 participants). Also, not only they consider the bodies’ reactions of such people but also their cultural background, their familiarity with the artworks and their experience. Only after filling a questionnaire, the group is divided and the analysis can start.

Let’s go beyond the Architectural Visualization and enter into the human’s brain.

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